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Infinite Goal Building Course

  1. Paid Public Speaking Training - learn how to be an effective public speaker which will boost your self-confidence and attract opportunities both professionally and personally.
  2. One on One Confidence Coaching - your own personal coach to help you put things in perspective, maintain a positive spirit, and help you to lead a more balanced life.
  3. Collaborative Coaching - together we will find different approaches to the challenges you face.
  4. Technology Assistance - technology is constantly changing. We will help simplify it for you.
  5. The Infinite Goal Building Blueprint - everyone has a unique purpose. Together we will create attainable goals.
  6. The Warriors Mindset Guide - developing a positive mindset will set you in motion.
  7. The Stay Focused Movement Action Plan - no-fail strategies for getting rid of distractions and getting back on track.
  8. You will become a member of our Life Service Center of America Community, where you will be able to collaborate with other like-minded individuals.
  9. Help With Publishing A Best Selling Book - if you have a story to tell or ideas to share, this might be the perfect time to publish your book.
  10. Accountability and Productivity Coaching - learn the principles of accountability by adopting new behaviors and habits which lead to greater productivity.
  11. Business Strategy Coaching - now is the time to be transformed, inspired and motivated!
  12. Financial Coaching - one step at a time, let's get your finances under control.
  13. Podcast- Let’s launch your award winning podcast, learn the strategies to have a successful award winning podcast. Whether you are looking to launch a podcast by yourself or with a co-host, thus program is for you.

What People Are Saying:

"Regeline Sabbat, also known as Gigi is very special. Gigi helps women, men, and businesses begin to create the next greatest versions of their business or of their lives. And, she does excellent personal coaching."

Les Brown

"I encourage you to consider Regeline to help you along your personal and professional journey. She has a special gift to help individuals grow and live happier, more fulfilling lives."

Dale Gibbons

"Regeline “Gigi” Sabbat is a gift to our crazy confused world. Her words and mission are transparently clear for the better best and she is delivering it with authentic kindness. Keep going strong Gigi, the world needs you forever!"

Lyn-Dee Eldridge

"Regeline is a true professional. I have worked with her personally and she is a genuine and caring person. I highly recommend you seek her services!"

Daniel Gomez

"Regeline is an extremely focused business leader who understands how to streamline goals, desires, plans, and vision. She is a dynamic communicator with the unique ability to impart beneficial wisdom, knowledge, and insight!"

Kyle Whitmire

"Regeline loves people, she's a great listener and she's all about helping you! Get on her calendar and educate yourself on how to succeed financially."

Michael Butler

I've recently started working with Regeline, and she has already helped me to focus on the areas that will help me grow and accomplish my goals that I have. She also has been able to help me start the process of stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that will help me grow individually and as a business owner! She is very professional and has quality services. I look forward to accomplishing my goals and collaborating with her for years to come. 😊

Mercedes Sinegal