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"Today go after your dreams. Don't give up on yourself, not now, not ever."
~ Regeline Sabbat

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Our goal at Life Service Center of America is to help individuals reach their full potential. Everyone has a unique story with trials and tribulations that have the power to decrease an individual's motivation and to cloud their vision to see the future clearly. We will take you to levels you didn't think were possible.

We love to see individuals transform. Let's get started!

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  1. The LSCOA membership gives each member access to our programs and motivational courses that help individuals who need help with life transformation, inspiration, motivation, and more. Each member will also have access to our Business Service Navigator (coming soon). 

  2. The second aspect of the business is our proprietary “Business Service Navigator”, which allows individuals/ members to locate the services needed in the location of their choice. We will also have the business service provider option available through our partnership program which allows our partners to provide their services to our members. 
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