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Our Founder

Regeline Sabbat also known as Gigi, is the CEO and Founder of Life Service Center of America, LLC, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Author of the " Walk With Me" and " God First" books that have been endorsed by Les Brown. Gigi is also the Co-Author for several best selling book collaborations, and she is a Life Coach and Confidence Coach. 

As far as focusing and transformation goes, Regeline truly believes multi-skilled individuals make great leaders. It’s not about focusing on so many things at once, but it is about utilizing all of your skills for the greater good and overall fulfilling God's purpose for our lives and to serve his people.

More on our company below. 


Putting God First By Serving Others

Regeline discusses her background, mission and goals in this informative video interview with Dr. Kimberley Linert. 

Finding Your Inner Beauty Motivational Keynote Speech by Gigi Sabbat. Also, a prayer at the end.

More on the Company

The Life Service Center of America, LLC has two aspects:

  1. The LSCOA membership gives you access to our programs and motivational courses that help you with life transformation, inspiration, motivation, and more. You will also have access to our Business Service Navigator (BSN). (See details below).
  2. The second aspect of the business is our proprietary “Business Service Navigator” (BSN),  allows you to locate the services you need in the location of your choice. We will also have the business service provider option available through our partnership program which allows our partners to provide their services to our members. 

Walk With Me. Walk with Purpose. God First.

Watch Interview with Regeline Eden Sabbat and Micheal D. Butler


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Walk With Me Podcast

Join Regeline on Mondays for her exciting new podcast by subscribing here: https://podcasts.apple.com/…/walk-with-me-podc…/id1523209737. Regeline will discuss ideas, topics, and have intimate conversations with her guests to support you in your steps for massive transformation.

Make sure to subscribe to Regeline's Walk With Me Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/D1069f0qDM0 

Walk With Me is now on JRQTV. Make sure to subscribe: https://jrqtv.com/ 

Learn more

Gigi Sabbat: Service Hero 

Inspiring Stories of Those Inspiring Others


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