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Les Brown

"Regeline Sabbat, also known as Gigi is very special. Gigi helps women, men, and businesses begin to create the next greatest versions of their business or of their lives. And, she does excellent personal coaching."

~ Les Brown

Legendary Motivational Speaker and Author

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Melahni Ake

"Walk With Gigi. Gigi will take you places that you never thought you could go."

~ Melahni Ake 

  • CEO of Make Connections For Life, LLC.
  • Creator and Host: Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast
  • Creator and Host: Everyday Leaders 50in50 Podcast Leadership Annual Summit
  • President: Making Everyday Leaders, Inc. 501C-3 Corporation
  • Author: Mentoring Moments Book: Award Winning Finalist 2019 Best Book Awards Sponsored by American Book Fest
  • Keynote Speaker, Personal and Professional Development Growth Coach
  • Certified Speaker, Coach & Trainer with the John Maxwell Team
  • Leader of Morning Devotional Studies: John Maxwell Leadership Bible

Dale Gibbons

"I encourage you to consider Regeline to help you along your personal and professional journey. She has a special gift to help individuals grow and live happier, more fulfilling lives."

~ Dale Gibbons

  • CEO Your 7 Figure Business Coach
  • Strategist
  • Author of 90 minute Business Breakthrough
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Lyn-Dee Eldridge

"Regeline “Gigi” Sabbat is a gift to our crazy confused world. Her words and mission are transparently clear for the better best and she is delivering it with authentic kindness. Keep going strong Gigi, the world needs you forever!"

~ Lyn-Dee Eldridge

  • Lyn-Dee Eldridge is your (CHO) Chief Happiness Officer/Founder of Happiness Jungle LLC.
  • Entrepreneur Mentor
  • #1 Best-Selling Author
  • Keynote Motivational Speaker
  • Breast Cancer Survivor
  • Humorist
  • Co-Brand Partner with Les Brown
  • TV /Radio/Podcast Personality
  • The Creator of the Happiness Jungle Emotional Support Body Pillow
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Justin Breen

"Gigi is up to BIG things!! Super impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit, no-nonsense attitude and quest for global greatness!"

~ Justin Breen, Founder/CEO BrEpic, Author of Epic Business

Randi D. Ward

"Life Service Center of America, LLC is a dynamic business run by Founder Regeline Gigi Sabbat, a dynamic lady with a heart of gold and a genuine desire to serve others. Her diverse business services range from business to entertainment to agriculture/industry. Life Service Center of America, LLC is the correct choice for those who need her incredible expertise. "

~ Randi D. Ward
Educator, Author, Editor, Life Coach

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Ragne Sinikas

"Ms. Sabbat’s ability to succeed with even the most difficult assignment amazes me and her sparkling personality ensures that everyone wants to work beside her. She is the the answer for company’s who are looking to expand their business connects in Miami, FL and Tampa, FL. She is the business connector that you need in Florida."

~ Ragne Sinikas

  • Founder of World Women Conference & Awards
  • Starpreneurs TV
  • LadypreneurTV
  • Women Entrepreneurs TV
  • Change Makers Coach
  • Public Speaker
  • Creator of Koral Desk
  • Ambassador GAI
  • Philanthropist

Daniel Gomez

"Regeline is a true professional. I have worked with her personally and she is a genuine and caring person. I highly recommend you seek her services!"

~ Daniel Gomez

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Executive Coach
  • Confidence Architect
  • Author
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Kyle Whitmire

"Regeline is an extremely focused business leader who understands how to streamline goals, desires, plans, and vision. She is a dynamic communicator with the unique ability to impart beneficial wisdom, knowledge, and insight!"

~ Kyle Whitmire

Management consultant, Keynote Speaker & Coach

Michael Butler

"Regeline loves people, she's a great listener and she's all about helping you! Get on her calendar and educate yourself on how to succeed financially."

~ Michael D. Butler
CEO of Beyond Publishing Book Publisher, Global Speaker, Media Coach

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Maria Angelova

I have had the privilege to work with Gigi on several occasions. I have been a guest on her Walk with Me podcast twice, and I have been a speaker at one of her Leadership conferences.

Gigi is a professional who leads with passion. She is on top of communication, marketing and makes it easy, smooth and fun to work with her. Gigi is inspirational, motivational and always a pleasure. She shows up with dedication, professionalism and incredible, contagious energy. She leads from the heart and does a fantastic job creating community.

Dr. Tanya Gold

"Gigi is warm and compassionate. She is dedicated and committed to getting work done. She will work for you!"

~ Dr. Tanya Gold
I don't laugh (just) because I'm happy. I'm happy because I LAUGH! 

Family/Holistic Medicine, Inspirational Speaker, author, teaches yoga & laughter yoga. Dr. Gold helps folks ignite the fire within so they can LIVE OPTIMALLY! 😊

Check out www.dgoli.com for upcoming books, online classes and seminars.


Kara Rainer

"If you need to discover your purpose; if you just need someone to light a fire under you and get you moving in the right path for you, Gigi is just that one. "

~ Actress Kara Rainer

Crazy grateful for finding my strength, finding my voice, and being brave enough to believe that anything is possible... And I deserve to listen to the little girl that always had a dream. So, take a deep breath of gratefulness, believe in your deservedness ...and fly!

It's your show, baby!

Michelle Guelfand MBA, NLP Trainer

Holistic Results-Oriented Virtual Life Coaching, Lectures and Workshops using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Guided Visualization, Positive Psychology and more.



Dr. Rosalind Willis 

Birthing Purpose Coach, Global Leader, President Ambassador & Recruiter US Global Women’s Empowerment


Executive Administrative Consultant


Erica Lopez

Teacher at MUSD, Domestic Violence , Sexual Assault, and Suicide Attempt Survivor and Advocate

Stephanie Epstein

Founder of YourHighestHeals, Certified Transformational Life Coach, and Author

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Mindy East

CEO and Founder of Baron Ridge Speakers Agency

"Gigi serves others from her heart coming from a place of wisdom and life experiences. Her greatest passion is to help others move forward from past traumas and heart blocks into a new and beautiful future full of possibilities!"

Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus

Host and founder of the 123 Mom Squad Community and Podcast


Tonja Anderson Dell

Member of Life Service Center of America, Author, and Honored Bound Podcast host

Liz Mejia-Celis

Photographer and travel agent

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