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About Our Founder

Regeline Sabbat is a first generation Haitian American, Motivational Speaker, 5x Best Selling Author of the "Walk With Me" and "God First" books that have been endorsed by Les Brown.Gigi is also the Co-Author for several best selling book collaborations, and she is a Life Coach and Confidence Coach. She is an experienced leader who has adopted a traditional approach to help people grow spiritually, financially, professionally and/or personally. She does this by setting clear and measurable goals for those that are ready to take action and experience life growth and transformation.

Regeline truly believes multi-skilled individuals make great leaders. It’s not about focusing on so many things at once, but it is about utilizing all of your skills for the greater good and overall fulfilling God's purpose for our lives and to serve his people.

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Melahni Ake

CEO of Make Connections For Life, LLC, Author, Keynote Speaker

Walk With Gigi. Gigi will take you places that you never thought you could go.


Michael Butler

CEO of Beyond Publishing, Book Publisher, Global Speaker, Media Coach

Regeline loves people, she's a great listener and she's all about helping you! Get on her calendar and educate yourself on how to succeed financially.

Ragne Sinikas

Founder of World Women Conference & Awards, Women Entrepreneurs TV, Change Makers Coach, Public Speaker

Ms. Sabbat’s ability to succeed with even the most difficult assignment amazes me and her sparkling personality ensures that everyone wants to work beside her. She is the the answer for company’s who are looking to expand their business connects in Miami, FL and Tampa, FL. She is the business connector that you need in Florida.

Les Brown

Legendary Motivational Speaker and Author

Regeline Sabbat, also known as Gigi is very special. Gigi helps women, men, and businesses begin to create the next greatest versions of their business or of their lives. And, she does excellent personal coaching.

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Many individuals are not aware that there is a God. I am here to tell you, there is truly a God. God wants to meet us where we are, and He wants to be a part of all areas of our lives. God does not seek for us to be perfect. God wants to build a relationship with you, and he accepts you as you are.


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