Apps in modern times

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

As advancements in technology are continuing to advance in modern times, the amount of apps created each year are increasing tenfold. It is significant for each generation to remain vigilant, because as apps continue to increase, every individual’s daily lifestyle will be impacted tremendously and we need to be prepared for a major shift.

Every individual no matter how old, will need to learn to adjust to our new way of living, which will certainly be a world filled with apps. 

For example, think about how most of your communication is done. How do you believe you are accessing your various channels and platforms? As you might have guessed, most of your communication is done through an app which you are using on a variety of devices including your laptop, watch, phone, etc, and it will continue to be developed on other devices in the future. 

For these reasons, it is significant now more than ever to obtain an accountability and productivity coach who can assist you and prepare you for this massive shift in technology. It is an inevitable shift and one in which we need to be prepared. 

If you are ready to experience massive transformation and learn how to maintain your productivity levels and learn the tools you need to hold yourself accountable - especially to prepare yourself for this technology shift our society is currently experiencing - I encourage you to sign up for my Accountability and Productivity Program, which utilizes the conservative approach to assist you with reaching your goals.  Visit for more information.

-Regeline "Gigi" Sabbat 



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