Hold onto Faith

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2023

Hold onto Faith


Life during the pandemic changed for many individuals. Some people, like me, lost a loved one. Others, also like me, faced different challenges. 


The pandemic was a challenging period. It affected several individuals not just in their lives, but also in their business. Also, we experienced a gigantic shift in technology. 


For example, many educational platforms shifted to providing online studies. This included elementary school, middle school, high school, and colleges. The pandemic shifted several components regarding our education system. 


The pandemic shifted how folks do business, and it changed individuals' daily lives in general. Many individuals decided to close their business, and many individuals decided to launch their business during the pandemic.


Overall, several individuals became stuck. Several folks may still be stuck. And, some folks still have goals they want to achieve, but they may have put these goals aside, because of the challenges faced during the pandemic. 


If that’s you, I encourage you to hold on and to keep the faith. 

If you have been considering whether to circle back to those goals you put aside during the pandemic, I encourage you to do so and to achieve each and every one of those goals. Continue to serve others. I believe in you. 

-Regeline "Gigi" Sabbat 


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