Social Media (as it relates to several factors including productivity)

Uncategorized May 29, 2020
As advancements in technology continue to rise, individuals productivity levels are decreasing. And, as social media channels continue to expand, individuals productivity levels are decreasing. Therefore, it is truly significant now more then ever to have a well-balanced life and remain productive and learn how to truly hold yourself accountable. 
Many individuals in this era tend to have a difficulty with holding themselves accountable and remaining productive. Therefore, I highly recommend obtaining an accountability and productivity coach. 
In my Accountability and Productivity Program, I provide you with the tools you need to truly conquer your days and time. Conquering your days and your time, truly starts with you, and action is required. Without action you remain stagnant. 
If you are ready to experience massive transformation and learn how to maintain your productivity levels and learn the tools you need to hold yourself accountable,  I encourage you to sign up for my Accountability and Productivity Program. Visit for more information.
-Regeline "Gigi" Sabbat 

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