Apps in modern times

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2020

As advancements in technology are continuing to advance in modern times, the amount of apps created each year are increasing tenfold. It is significant for each generation to remain vigilant, because as apps continue to increase, every individual’s daily lifestyle will be impacted tremendously and we need to be prepared for a major shift.

Every individual no matter how old, will need to learn to adjust to our new way of living, which will certainly be a world filled with apps. 


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Education, Business, and Technology

business technology Jun 01, 2020

Education, Business, and technology truly intertwine.

The time has come now for every individual to become aware of how education, business, and technology intertwine and learn the tools to make sure you are utilizing all of your skills for the greater good/God's purpose for your life.

Therefore, education and business truly matter.

It is also significant now more than ever to utilize all social media channels/platforms as it relates to technology, in a positive manner that is in alignment...

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Social Media (as it relates to several factors including productivity)

Uncategorized May 29, 2020
As advancements in technology continue to rise, individuals productivity levels are decreasing. And, as social media channels continue to expand, individuals productivity levels are decreasing. Therefore, it is truly significant now more then ever to have a well-balanced life and remain productive and learn how to truly hold yourself accountable. 
Many individuals in this era tend to have a difficulty with holding themselves accountable and remaining productive....
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